A Review Of Capital Gold Group

It is important to protect your life savings now more than ever in the present harsh economic environment. This review of the Capital Gold Group by thegoldirareviewer.com will enable you decide whether this company is the right one to use to invest in gold to protect your savings.


The Capital Gold Group was founded in 2000. Just like other gold investment companies, the company focusses heavily on long-term investments to ensure protection of your savings against various unfavorable economic factors that may devalue assets.


Their website is easy to navigate and attractive. However, they throw in a bit too much information to you at once since they have promotions for their radio show, opt-in boxes and many more. They also use terminology that is rather advanced that can be confusing if you are new to gold investment.

Services Offered

Capital Gold Group works with it clients just like other companies of a similar nature, to help them include gold to their investment portfolio. The company usually does this through their 'gold specialists' who are simply customer representatives that help in managing your account.

The following is a brief list of services offered by the Capital Gold Group.

  •  Assisting you in buying gold and silver
  •  Storing the precious metals in a third party depository
  •  Delivering your gold and silver when you need it

It is good to note that while the company does rollovers for IRAs, it is not a core aspect of their business. This means that the company is more concerned with those investors that want to make a profit by selling their gold at some point in the future.

Capital Gold Group also offers an affiliate program. This means that it will allow its clients to promote their service and gain commissions in the process. However, unless you are an experienced marketer do not expect to make a ton of money from this.

Feedback and Ratings

Capital Gold Group has mostly positive feedback and ratings even though there are some complaints that the company needs to address.

Some clients are not happy with the prices that they received when they decided to sell their investments. Others are very positive with clients claiming that they received wonderful service from the company's employees.

Final Verdict

Capital Gold Group looks like a solid company that is relatively popular with investors of gold. They also have additional services such as the affiliate program and radio show, which is good if you are into that sort of thing. The only major issue is that their IRA rollover is not core to their business model.